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May 30 2013


Over the past month, I’ve begun drafting three entries on this blog and another two on my private blog. Only one has made it past a few sentences. This is a testament to the disjointedness of my thoughts lately, as I approach the end of the school year while simultaneously ramping up my responsibilities for…

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I have long been meaning to write about the difference between first and second year, but nothing I have written seems to do it justice. Even now, I have trouble describing it in anything but metaphor: night and day, storm and sunshine, even death and life. Yet I must try my best to assure any first-year teachers…

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Oct 04 2012


Today, I discovered: One of my Algebra 1 kids is a Billboard-ranked pop artist. Another one of my Algebra 1 kids was kicked off public transit this morning for “talking too loud.” According to an eyewitness, the lady who complained about him was talking just as loudly, if not louder. (Said kid was also not…

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Questions that I hate getting from students: “Can I go to the library to finish my homework for another class?” [Um, seriously? No.] “Why do we have to do math today? Can’t we just watch a movie?” [I’m so sorry that I’m making you do math in a math class. I must be a terrible…

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Apr 24 2012

April happenings

I’ve been woefully negligent in updating this blog recently, which is unfortunate, since the April has been one of the most eventful months this year. Even now, I don’t have time for a full-fledged post, but here’s a list of some of the highlights from the past few weeks. My Math Lab kids scored an…

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Taking a break from my usual blogging pattern of circumstance-reflection-revelation, here’s a humorous little list that most of you teachers out there should be able to relate to. You know you’re a teacher when… … you have to resist introducing yourself by your last name when meeting someone new. … your hands are perpetually covered…

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