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May 28 2012

Dear 2012 corps members,

I’m so glad that you’re joining the movement for educational equity. To tell you the truth, there’s a bit of an older-sibling syndrome within TFA, wherein previous corps years scoff at the apparent naivete of first-year CMs and grow somewhat envious of the attention that they receive. (I’m guilty of this myself.) Don’t let this…

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Overheard at a bar Executive Director to a staff member: “Have we created TAL monsters?” That pretty much sums up the past week. In all seriousness though, Induction has been an amazing experience. From the moment we arrived and received our regional t-shirts (NYC Institute folks will see the glory of said t-shirts soon enough),…

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Jun 21 2011


Greetings from LAX, where I’m currently waiting to board my red-eye flight to Providence, Rhode Island, to join my fellow 2011 Rhode Island CMs for our week-long Induction. [Update: I’m now at my hotel room and waiting for my luggage, which didn’t make the connection… Sadness.]  A little bit of background: in the style of…

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