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Jan 17 2014

Mixed feelings

I love college access work. I love watching mindsets about postsecondary education evolve over time. I love that it’s my job┬áto sit down one-on-one with students and listen to their stories, their thoughts, their concerns, their dreams. I love seeing students laugh and applaud when acceptances start rolling in. Really, I love all of it.…

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Jan 07 2014

Making a statement

MH was an enigma. On paper, he seemed like a model student: 3.73 GPA, 1400 SAT score, 92% attendance. But in person, he was distant, sarcastic, and noncommittal. When asked about his personal life or postsecondary plans, he would change the subject; if pressed, he would insist he was going to become a world-famous rapper…

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