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Sep 04 2013


Hello world! I’m back from a three month long blogging hiatus, during which I:

  • finished the school year in Providence, said goodbye to my colleagues, friends, students, and packed my life into four boxes
  • served as NYC Institute’s Director of Data Management and met some amazingly talented and dedicated educators along the way
  • moved into my new house in Philadelphia and became an expert at all things IKEA
  • discovered that TFA featured my previous blog post (along with an awkwardly high-resolution headshot) on their website for prospective applicants
  • transitioned into my new role at 12+, a Philly-based education non-profit start-up (check out a couple of our videos that have been featured on Upworthy)
  • created onboarding and training materials for the inaugural 12+ Fellows
  • checked out some awesome churches in the Philly area
  • started Insanity, much to my body’s dismay

The school year starts on Monday, and because 12+ is a little understaffed, I’ll be overseeing the sophomore class at one of our partner schools. I can’t wait to work and build relationships with students in a non-teaching capacity, but in the meantime, there’s a lot to figure out with regard to the school partnership piece of our programming—things I never had to think about as a teacher, like access to student data, Title 1 funding, and faculty buy-in. A challenging but exciting new chapter has begun! Stay tuned for updates.

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