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May 30 2013


Over the past month, I’ve begun drafting three entries on this blog and another two on my private blog. Only one has made it past a few sentences. This is a testament to the disjointedness of my thoughts lately, as I approach the end of the school year while simultaneously ramping up my responsibilities for both Institute and my non-profit role in the fall.

If and when I have some time to reflect, here’s a sampling of topics I’d like to write about:

  • Lessons I’ve learned from the madhouse that is my 6-7 block.
  • Why home visits are the greatest thing ever.
  • The weight of being a role model for students who are barely younger than me.
  • My TFA “experience” and why I’m transitioning to an education non-profit next year.
  • The opportunities and challenges of being the Director of Data Management at Institute.
  • My long-term plans (or lack thereof).

In the meantime, I have eighteen school days left, and I intend to make the most of them. See y’all on the other side of the semester, probably.

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  1. Mindy

    Your blog has been a huge inspiration, encouragement and cause for self-examination through my period of applying for TFA! I’ve had many questions. Corporate vs tfa? What does it mean to glorify God in my career, and what does it mean to glorify God period? Is it enough to just be “loving my neighbours” which ultimately leads to the question – what is my heart and motivation behind joining TFA? Your disclaimer in one of your blog posts – “But it’s important to remember that (1) service that isn’t rooted in love and a desire to glorify Christ can become legalism; and (2) devoting my time to God is not limited to career decisions.” along with a few other blog posts have really encouraged me to re-examine my faith and actions, and the relationship between the two.
    Please blog more about your thoughts and experiences in Philly! I’d love to hear more of your insights.

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