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Dec 18 2012

Give them their wings

Here’s a video for all teachers in need of inspiration as 2012 draws to a close. It’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful spoken word piece written by a TFA alum to highlight and contextualize the work of 12+, a non-profit that aims to make college accessible to students in inner-city Philadelphia.

Also, if you like what they’re doing, please vote for the video once a day here. The organization is competing for $250,000 in resources, and I suspect the TFU community could give it a boost.


we have cultivated a generation of students named atlas
thrown the weight of the world on their back and have asked them to fly
never mind the fact that other students are running around weightless
so to the teachers
and politicians
and parents
and everyone else in between
we must remember to carry some of the burden for our children
extend our cradled arms
always remind them there’s a place for safe landing if they need it
these students are not stupid just have never been tested for their true worth
they are not hopeless or helpless
just motherless children begging to leave the nest
they are the future surgeons who will mend our broken dreams
the pilots and the astronauts who will ascend to the sky
so if we ask them to fly

we must first give them their wings

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  1. Thanks for the share, James! I hope this video can remind all those who are spending their time and effort educating the youth of America that they are making a big impact; they are giving our students wings to fly.

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