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Oct 04 2012


Today, I discovered:

  • One of my Algebra 1 kids is a Billboard-ranked pop artist.
  • Another one of my Algebra 1 kids was kicked off public transit this morning for “talking too loud.” According to an eyewitness, the lady who complained about him was talking just as loudly, if not louder. (Said kid was also not allowed on the next bus that came along, for who knows what reason, which resulted in him arriving at school an hour late and missing a quiz.)
  • My kids LOVE the jazz piano pieces that I’ve started playing during Do Nows.
  • My kids assume that if I’m in a good mood, it’s because I’ve found a “special lady friend.”
  • Binomial distributions are ridiculously hard to teach but also ridiculously fun to teach—if you use the right examples. (Hint: puppies.)
  • “Drive Mr. K Off A Cliff” is 10x more hilarious when kids get to draw the illustrations. Exhibit A:

I do not think YOLO means what you think it means, child.

I have done a poor job of actually writing meaningfully about my classroom/school this year, but I promise that’s coming… eventually. I am very much looking forward to this long weekend. Onward!

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