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May 25 2012

“I had fun playing trashball and throwing you off a cliff”

One of the nice things about approaching the end of the year is having the chance to read students’ farewells in my yearbook, which I purchased on a whim a week ago. These brief but heartfelt messages have affirmed my effectiveness as a teacher far more than any student achievement data or teacher evaluation, and I’d like to share some of the gems that I’ve received so far.


From JD, who never passes up the opportunity to mention the fact that she works at Walgreens and saw me drive by once.

Mr. K, you have been one of the best math teachers that I’ve had. I actually learned in your class and really tried to do my math work. I was great meeting you and I hope you come by walgreens and NOT CVS.

Love, JD <3

From K, who ran into me at the mall once and has been bragging about it ever since.

Mr. K, thank you for being a great teacher you’ve helped us out a lot and are very informative mall buddies!!

From M, who’s not often in class but works hard when she is.

Hello Mr. K

To be honest when I first came to this class I thought it was pointless! But I was totally wrong, this class has helped me a lot, and it has improved my math skills! For that I thank you, and P.S. your class is very fun. =)

-M <3

From E, who barely speaks English but loves to say hello in the hallway.

Mr. K, you are a nice person, never change… I hope that you could be successful teacher: be Happy!!!

From T, who is incredibly awkward but jumps at every opportunity to write on the SmartBoard.

Hello Mr. K, even though I found you irritating at times, and I hate shaking your hands, I think you’re a great teacher (my SAT test did improve). I will miss you. Farewell. P.S. I still think you’re 23.

From B, who always seemed to want to go to the library for some reason.

Mr K you are a great math teacher best that I ever had that is and I enjoy your class because you kept us intertain all the time which is hard. good luck in future I can see you as a principal.

From E, who somehow juggles playing basketball with earning one of the highest GPAs in the school.

Mr. K!! Thank you so much for teaching so CLEARLY (unlike other teachers that only leave you more confused :P) If I would’ve had your class earlier this year I would’ve had a higher grade in my SATs!! :) You’re awesome

From N, who is often the instigator of chaos in my T-4 block.

Hey Mr. K, so you know we been through a lot yea! You remember when you said you will try to stay on my good side yea about that LOL but yea peace out

From A, who I have in both of my preps and whose confidence with math has skyrocketed since I first met her in August.

You have to be one of the best teachers ever. I learned so much with you and I had fun playing trashball and throwing you off a cliff, it actually made me like math and want to solve the question before Anybody. Thank you for everything.

From M, another top student, who never gets tired of testing the extent my Spanish ability or asking what new Dominican foods I’ve tried.

Dear Mr. K,

Me gusto mucho ser su estudiante. Aprendi mucho con usted. Muchas gracias por todo, y por tenerme pasiencia y por decirme que si puedo cuando decia a que no podia. I will miss you. Thank you for being a good teacher your the best math teacher I had.


And finally, from R, who never fails to make me smile and has so often been my motivation to keep going when things felt impossible.

Hello Mr. K, througout this whole year you have been the most helpfull and fun teacher I had ever had. Im thanking for having A magnificant year in both classes we have together. lastly I hope that you find what you Are looking for in your future.


P.S. theres A game call D.C. universe for PlayStation 3 that you should play it is awsome

8 Responses

  1. Tee

    Love love love love love it! Whenever you are having a rough day, you’ll be able to look back at these and remember how many lives you’ve impacted in such a short time.

  2. What a great way to get some personal feedback from your students! This is something parents and teachers should have our kids do monthly to keep us from strangling them.

  3. Andrea

    What is trashball?! I think I play trashball in my class sometimes, too. Except I call it something different.

  4. mches

    This is why teaching high school is the best.

  5. Carol

    Love :)

  6. ekim


  7. Sarah P

    this is so heartwarming and encouraging.
    a job well done, mr. k!

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