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Mar 23 2012

Conversations I’d like to remember

“Mister, you always wear Air Forces on casual Friday. You should get those new Jordans.”
“Yeah? Do you think they’d go well with this outfit?”
“Naww mister, you gotta dress more like a middle schooler.”


“Mister, you know that you’re the best from all my teachers?”
“What do you mean?”
“My other teachers, when they talk, nobody listens. In Algebra 2, you teach stuff and everyone is silent.”
“Interesting. Maybe they’re learning too much to say anything.”


“This is too hard, I quit.”
“Well, you guys are always complaining that the stuff we do in class is useless. The problems we’re solving today are real-life situations, which tend to be more complicated. Which one do you prefer?”
“Cuff, mister. Espérate.”

“Okay mister, look. Did I do this right?”
“Yes you did, good job.”
“Hah, I’m a freaking genius.”


“Why is the answer always D? This is the third D in a row.”
“Trust me, it’s not always D.”

“The answer is D again!! Mister’s trying to play us.”
“Como siempre, verdad?”
“Oh my God mister, you’re too much.”


“Mister, how’d I do on the exam?”
“You did pretty well, but why don’t you check the data wall for yourself?”

“I got a 90 mister! But Y beat me, she got a 92.”
“So I guess you’ll just have to do better than that next time.”
“Yeah. You know, I never did good in math before. The way you explain math, it’s different. I understand it now.”

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  2. Anthony

    4/5th grade:
    Kid- “Mr. can you give me a dollar?” Me- *turn my pockets inside out* “I don’t have a dollar, see I’m broke” Kid- “do you have a girlfriend?” Me- “yes, that’s why I’m broke”

    Me: “why are you crying?” Pre-K kid: “because (kids name) thinks I’m a real crab” Me: “why would he think that?” Pre-K Kid: “well because I was a costume crab, but he thinks I’m a real crab” :-) I love my job haha

  3. Andrea

    Love this, a million times over.

  4. Golden Apple

    Awesome-ness :)

  5. Sarah

    this is so heartwarming

  6. carol


  7. Yena


  8. Allen

    I wish James could be my teacher.

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