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Feb 13 2012

Give grace to those who hear

I realize that it’s Monday, which means I’m breaking my firmly-established tradition of updating only on weekends, but this needs to be said.

As a teacher, it is so easy to find things to complain about. The work day is too long. Lunch is too short. The copy machine never works. Certification coursework sucks. Administration is unreasonable. Students are out of control. Faculty meetings are pointless. Observations are too frequent. Observations aren’t frequent enough. Classroom technology is outdated. The pay is too low. I could go on and on and on with such grievances, as anyone whom I’ve spoken with recently for any extended period of time could attest.

But I’m tired of negativity. And I’m tired of being tired of negativity. I miss having the ability to effortlessly “rejoice in hope” and be “patient in tribulation” (Rom 12:12). I think the worst part is that my complaining affects not only me but also those around me, so it’s both unproductive and selfish. Yes, teaching is hard. No, it’s not so hard that I can’t be a joyful, grateful servant of God while I’m at it.

Thus, with a little inspiration from one Jonathan Edwards, I declare the following. Resolved, to live by the exhortation of Ephesians 4:29 by not allowing corrupting talk to come out of my mouth, but only such as is good for building others up, that my words may give grace to those who hear.

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  1. els

    totally needed that. all of the other teachers at my school are super negative right now, and it’s hard to be the only positive voice.

  2. ekim

    Do your students know that you’re Christian?/ Is your faith or “religious background” something that your students have asked you about out of curiosity?

    • A couple of them asked me explicitly back in first semester, but I guess word spreads quickly, since all my students seem to know now. I’ve been meaning to write about that in depth—maybe my next update.

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