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Jan 08 2012

Or, the reason why I’ve tried plátanos con salami

Taking a break from my usual blogging pattern of circumstance-reflection-revelation, here’s a humorous little list that most of you teachers out there should be able to relate to.

You know you’re a teacher when…

… you have to resist introducing yourself by your last name when meeting someone new.
… your hands are perpetually covered in dry-erase ink or chalk dust.
… your pockets contain an endless supply of pencils, pens, and markers.
… you can smell an attempt to get the class off-topic from a mile away.
… the cashiers at Staples know you by name.
… waking up while it’s still dark outside is perfectly normal—encouraged, even.
… you walk into Walmart and instinctly head toward the school supplies section.
… 99% of your Facebook posts are about education and/or your students.
… you watch TED talks and mentally take note of pedagogical techniques to try.
… the only reason you’ve tried [insert ethnic food] is because a student recommended it.
… parents begin asking you for parenting advice. (Anyone who knows me will see the irony in a student’s mother asking me how to keep her son from staying up late and drinking Monster.)
… you realize that, deep down, every student—no matter how indifferent or “hard” or “ghetto”—is really just a little kid striving for your approval.


In other news, forcing myself to create a lesson plan daily, even when I don’t need one the next day, has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. Quality lesson plans they are not, but at least I’m finally somewhat ahead on planning, which gives me the freedom to tweak other aspects of my classroom or just take a break once in a while. Here’s to a not-so-exhausting second semester!

3 Responses

  1. Andrea

    I should conjure up a list like this — but more for a teacher abroad (it IS a little different!). And huzzah~ for lesson planning ahead!

    But, PAHAHA, Mr. K — gimme some parenting advice. NOWWW

  2. Sarah

    LOLL i do appreciate the irony of you giving advice about not drinking Monster, hahaha

  3. els

    I think that every once in awhile when a kid comes to me for advice/guidance. I’m like “I’m 24 years old! I’m not a parent! Don’t ask me!” I guess we all do the best we can :). And yes, the Walmart cashiers know me by name.

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